We enable you to keep engaging your audience using the power of emails.

Email Marketing

Learning about your customers is one key to providing a great product that they will enjoy. Hardly takes a minute to create & send an email.


Interact with your existing and potential customers on a regular basis, they are likely to stick around longer. Send out an update once a week to inform everyone of new features or auctions within your business.

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Drip Email Campaigns

You’ve already picked the most effective marketing channel – why not automate them? Create an email once and we will handle the rest!

Triggered Emails

Send your customers notes of appreciation, password resets, and purchase receipts for the products and services they have recently received from you.

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We make it incredibly easy and fast for you to personalize and send out your emails.

Template Builder

Create absolutely gorgeous templates for your emails OR choose any of our pre-designed templates. Creating a template has never been easier.

List Segmentation and Management

Classify your subscribers into multiple segments based on decided parameters. Personalize messages with a better understanding of your customers.

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Tag your subscribers with a squeeze, and send messages as per their likes!

Contact Profiles

Never before has it been so easy to craft personalized content. You can classify contact profiles based on any attributes that they may have, making individualized email messages to your customers a breeze!

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We always make sure to send emails which are as clean and relevant as possible.

Deliverability Testing

Don’t let your emails end up in the spam folder. Use our deliverability testing feature and test-send your emails first.

Subject Line Testing

Use our subject line testing feature that tests the effectiveness of your subject lines and gives you a score for the same.

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Email Validation

You don’t want to send your mails to email addresses that are invalid. The last thing you want is for all of your emails to end up being bounced.

A/B Testing

Let’s make sure you send only the best of emails! We help find the most compelling variations between your present email draft and one or more of its variations, to identify areas of improvement using A/B testing.

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Knowing the numbers about the results of your email campaigns is like a road map to where you are supposed to go. We help you get to those numbers.

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We save you time by doing things the #new way by using best-in-class AI.

Subject Lines ⚡ by AI

Our AI technology has been re-calibrated to create smarter subject lines, so you don’t have to anymore. Simply sit back and relax, while we craft the perfect subject line. You’ll be able to spend your time on more important things.

Email Copy ⚡ by AI

Machine intelligence improves every email you write. You’ll get individualized, one-of-a-kind suggestions for content while your emails are being written. Your emails can be even better now.

Campaign Clues ⚡ by AI

Now you can trust AI with your email campaigns also! It will recommend the best steps to take considering the audience and the campaign history. The most popular way of sending emails is now AI-driven.

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We’ve built tools that help you improve your marketing and generate more sales.

Landing Pages

What’s in your funnel? Create a more amicable landing page for your remarketing campaigns.

Sign-Up Forms

We’ve got everything you need to make your forms look great. You can put together a signup form that captures more leads on your website or blog in less than 30 seconds.

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